Store more with external drawers

When it comes to increased storage, new single drawer units from Ironman 4x4 prove most versatile.

Following the success of their twin drawer system, Ironman 4×4 has released a single drawer system ideal to store food, camping gear, even recovery items or tools. Lined with UV stabilised black marine grade carpet, the rattling of loose items will not be a problem. Fully lockable and safe, it is designed to fit in any wagon, ute, trailer or caravan. A wing kit from the twin drawer system can be used to finish them off neatly.

In a wagon, it can be installed with one seat remaining in place. For the ute, these can go in the tray or tub and in a caravan it can be fitted into the external storage area.

The single drawer is designed using similar mounting and construction methods as the twin systems. It includes the 2mm galvanised sheet body, T-lock handles, and 12mm marine grade plywood top.

The single drawer units are equipped with a modular method for storage, providing more flexibility where twin system simply won’t suit.

Rated for 100kg loads, they are available in a range of lengths (900mm, 1000mm and 1300mm). Their retail price ranges from $675 to $780 and they come fully assembled.

If you’d rather have shelves in your caravan, here are a few shelving options for your caravan.

Image source: Ironman 4×4.