How to stay relaxed on your next trip

Family holidays can end up the antithesis of relaxation if you’re not careful.

Holidaying as a family can create some of your strongest memories, but sometimes the trip can get stressful and work against your plan of a relaxing break. Follow these simple tips to reduce stress and get the most out of your next family caravanning holiday.

Don’t rush the trip. When you have invested a lot of time and money into a family holiday, it can be tempting to fit in as many activities as possible by rushing through everything. Give your family sufficient time to enjoy planned activities. If you need to hurry to pack everything in, discuss the plans with your family, so you can collectively make a decision based on everyone’s preferences. Do they want to rush, be late or do something else?

Make the most of your time together by finding joy in everything you do as a family. Whether it’s the joy of watching your children playing and exploring or the beauty of Australian landscapes, you won’t have to look far for moments to appreciate and treasure. One way to have more enjoyable moments is to avoid the tourist hot spots. Heading to quieter spots not frequented by tourists makes it much easier to connect with your family and have truly unique experiences.

Despite your best efforts, things often don’t go according to plan. It might rain on your planned outdoor activity, someone in the family gets sick, or tickets are all sold for the show you wanted to see. Don’t let a change in plan ruin your trip. Instead, look for the hidden opportunity in every setback. If it’s raining, spend more time inside with your family, or maybe go for a swim as there won’t be a crowd. If your dinner plans change, try a different restaurant. It’s a holiday, so nothing needs to be set in concrete and half the fun comes from discovering new experiences.

Here are some games your family can play to make the trip feel shorter.