Scupper vents: why you need one

A quick guide to scupper vents and why your caravan will benefit from one.

A scupper vent is a vent in the roof of your caravan that raises the pressure in the van and reduces the amount of dust coming in when you drive along dirt roads.

If you are taking a road trip around Australia, a scupper vent is a great addition to your caravan. It’s almost essential if you are driving west of Queensland or anywhere dry where you are likely to encounter plenty of dirt roads. This addition will make a world of difference ensuring the inside on your van stays dust free.

A scupper vent

Opening you scupper vents while driving along on hot days will also help to keep the inside of the van cool. If it starts to rain while you are driving, you will need to stop the van and close the scupper vent if you want to avoid the interior of your van getting soaked.

You can pick up one of these vents for about $40 and install it yourself, or you can get a professional to do it for you for a small cost. The installation of a scupper vent takes a professional roughly 30 minutes.

Image credit: RGD.