How to sanitise your caravan’s water system

Clean, safe drinking water is a breeze when you take a few basic steps to manage the system in your caravan or motorhome.

Fresh potable water doesn’t have to come from bottles. You can save money and the environment by ensuring your caravan’s tank delivers water good enough to consume.

This video shows you how to use bleach to kill any bacteria that may be present in your camper’s water system, and have all the safe drinking water you need.

While it’s only necessary to sanitise cold water for human consumption, many people like to ensure hot water is also sanitised, so the video demonstrates how to do both.

It’s preferable to do this on a day when you’re planning to take a long drive, preferably down some pretty winding roads. This will agitate the water in the tank, helping to clean it as you drive.

As you’ll need to flush the tank as part of the process, your trip should ideally take you from one full water hook-up location to another, neither of which should have drought or water-use restrictions in place. It’s particularly important to end your drive at a location with water hook-ups, as you’ll be arriving with a tank full of water mixed with bleach.

The only supplies you’ll need for this job are some bleach, a large (3.8 litre) pitcher and an old measuring cup. The video is only 8.5 minutes long but provides some good advice.

If you’re looking to give your van a total clean, here are some more tips.