The right floorplan for your caravan

There are many things to consider when buying a caravan and the layout is one of the most important.

Buying a caravan is similar to buying a home or car. It has to suit your family’s needs and travel plans. Depending on what kind of travel you intend to do, you need to decide what shape and what kind of layout suits you best.

Bigger vans are usually better for long-term travel. Small ones benefit those who have lighter and smaller towing vehicles, usually smaller families or just couples.

Bigger caravans have more risk of instability and require a bigger tow vehicle, so they are naturally more expensive. While small caravans are more convenient, you can’t fit as much in them due to limited storage.

Here are three typical layouts to guide you.

Entry level

These usually come with the following as standard: single battery, probably a pop-top, combo bathroom or no bathroom, café-style dinette, awning, single spare wheel, single water tank, small kitchen or external kitchen/barbecue, ball coupling, half-size fridge, ability to towed by lighter/smaller tow vehicle, double bed.

Family van

These usually come with the following as standard: full-size fridge, caravan-queen-size bed, combo or full-size bathroom, washing machine, four-burner cooktop, oven and grill, dual AGM batteries, dual 9kg gas cylinders, dual water tank, internal and external storage, external shower, seating for four, solar panels, airconditioning.

Luxury van

These usually come with the following as standard: lithium batteries, grey water tank, leather upholstery, full-size bathroom, washing machine, large solar capacity, new innovations, internal and external cooking facilities, large storage capacity, full-size fridge, external fridge slide, airconditioning, ducted space heating, 12V vans, dual 9kg gas cylinders.

There are loads of options and extras you can add to your van, so talk with other van owners and your local caravan sales personnel for advice and budget.