Tips on replacing caravan flooring

Update your caravan's interior by replacing tired flooring with something a little more interesting.

When deciding which caravan floor covering is best for you, remember that higher-quality materials often will last a lot longer. It’s also worth paying for a flooring specialist; it’s the best way to ensure the job’s done properly and won’t need to be redone for years.

Start with the basics: determining which floor sections need replacing and which materials best suit your specific needs.

Aesthetic updates

If the floor is sturdy, doesn’t sag or dip, and shows no sign of damage on the underside, you may only need to update the upper layer to boost the aesthetic appeal.

In this case, one of the most popular caravan flooring options is linoleum, as it’s cheap, easy to keep clean, and waterproof. This is a particularly handy choice for areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, which are prone to getting wet. Linoleum is usually available in a variety of colours and styles (including non-slip), as well as different patterns. Vinyl tiles are a similar option, however they’re slightly more difficult to install.

Floating floors are another popular alternative. The hardwood options can be quite expensive, so if you’re on a tight budget, look for laminated or bamboo options. They can be just as attractive and often a fraction of the price. Floating floors are easy to clean and durable, which makes them perfect for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and entryway.

For sleeping and lounging areas, you might prefer plush carpet. Carpet can help create warmth and comfort in a space. However, using carpet also means you’ll need to take a vacuum cleaner with you to keep it clean.

Carpet stores often have cheap off-cuts available which, while too small for regular rooms, are perfect for a caravan. Carpet tiles are another option, although they’re often designed for high-traffic commercial spaces so don’t feel as nice underfoot.

Structural updates

In some extreme cases, you may need to replace the structural layer of flooring. Recently-built caravans often use a single piece of material for this layer, incorporating a sheet of galvanised steel or aluminium. Rather than floor boards or multiple pieces of ply, these single-piece floor options are stronger, sturdier, and are better for heating and cooling. You can order replacements direct from specialist manufacturers such as EzyFloor, or speak with a fabricator who specialises in materials like sheet metal or fibreglass to have something custom built.

While you’re on a roll with flooring, you could also look into replacing or creating a floor for your annexe. It’s a great way to revamp the space, as well as reduce how often you need to clean.