Preparing your caravan for sale

If you want to sell your van, here's how to ensure you get the best price.

It goes without saying that when you sell your caravan you want to get the best price. The following tips should help:

The right cleaning products

Use quality products to clean your caravan or you may end up doing more damage than good.

Inside, use the same quality cleaning products that you’d use in your own home. They’ll provide a thorough clean and won’t leave any residue.

When cleaning the exterior, regular soaps and cleaning liquids can actually cause damage. Use a purpose-made heavy duty wash and polish – similar to what you’d use on the car or four-wheel drive.

Cleaning the exterior

When cleaning the exterior of your van, be sure to focus on the windows, door shuts and wheels. Remove dirt and grease from the tow bar and wheel rims. Ensure the roof is also clean. You might need to use a high pressure hose and some elbow grease to remove caked dirt.

Cleaning the interior

Start by removing rubbish and anything that will not be sold with the van. If the upholstery is detachable, remove for deep cleaning. If not, vacuum thoroughly. Inspect your toilet, sinks and shower for signs of mould and wash with appropriate cleaners.

Make accessories visible

If you are including any accessories in the sale, it will help the sale to have these items visible, both in the advertisement and during inspections. Print a list of accessories and the original value. This will add to the overall package of your caravan and increase your chances of a quick and successful sale.

Ensure all plumbing and electricity is working

If there are any issues with the plumbing or electricity of your caravan, it might be worth having a professional look at them. If you choose not to fix them, be sure to at least alert the potential buyer to these problems.

Top up containers

As a courtesy to the new owner, you should top up both the petrol and water containers in your caravan.

Get your documentation in order

When it comes time to hand over ownership, you want the process to be quick and as easy as possible. Ensure you have all your documents in order, including official ownership and service documents.

Prepare for viewings

It’s always helpful to have a friend or family member with you during inspections, so you have support and won’t be swayed into agreeing to anything you aren’t comfortable with.

Be prepared for a potential buyer to haggle over price, as this is a standard part of the process. Have your ideal price in mind throughout the viewing. Be firm, but not unreasonable. If it comes to a difference of less than $100 between your lowest and their highest price, it might be worthwhile to sell rather than risk going through the process of advertising again. But you should never agree to a price you do not want.