Planning a stress-free caravanning holiday

A bit of preparation will make your next trip that much easier.

If you are towing a caravan for the first time, make sure you’ve learnt how to do so before you depart. To get a feel for it, try renting a similar caravan before you buy yours and take it for a drive, trying as many roads and weather conditions as possible. If your caravan has just arrived, take it for trial runs during the day and night to get familiar with it before your first getaway.

Check your insurance is current and covers you for all the places you’re going to visit. Some policies have restrictions when it comes to off-road environments. Contact RACQ Insurance for advice and caravan cover.

Make sure you confirm your caravan park reservations before you depart and keep a copy of the booking with you. Note any closing times for arrival, so you can get to your site with plenty of time to set-up and ask any questions of the camp manager if needed.

Check road conditions and weather, particularly if you are travelling north in the wet season. RACQLive offers lots of up-to-the-minute information on road conditions, weather reports, fuel prices and more. If your are unsure, then it’s often best to stay where you are until the information on your next destination is confirmed.

Pro Tips:

  • Prepare a checklist for setting up and packing up.
  • Establishing a routine, with responsibility for each task, ensure nothing is missed and nothing gets broken or left behind.
  • Check the electricity load on your appliances and even label them so you know what load you are running.
  • Caravans aren’t designed to have every appliance running at once and you can cause blow a fuse if you’re not careful.
  • Learn how to pack your caravan correctly to balance your load. This article will help you avoid imbalances.