How to paint your caravan’s interior

Giving your caravan a fresh coat of interior paint is a quick and easy way to transform the inside.

Whether it’s a new coat of the same colour or a brand new shade, repainting the inside of your caravan can make a big difference to the space. You can paint the interior walls, the ceiling and even the cupboard doors. If you just need to repair some peeling paint, here’s how to repair peeling paint on caravans.

Picking the right colour

Picking the right interior colour is very important. The space inside your caravan is quite cosy, so it’s a good idea to steer clear of dark colours, which can make the space seem even smaller. Instead, stick to lighter and brighter hues. White or cream is always a classic and will make the space look bigger. If you want to make a bold statement, consider a black and white scheme.

Black and white caravan interior

Some caravanners even apply wallpaper to their caravans. If you like the idea of wallpaper, make sure to pick a simple pattern and only apply it to a selected section of the van. Putting a busy pattern all over the interior of your caravan is too much visual stimulation and will result in headaches. Since caravan walls are different to standard plasterboard, make sure to buy high-quality ready-mixed paste, which is designed for heavier-than-normal wallpaper.

The right tools

Both rollers and brushes can achieve good results. The important thing is that you use high-quality tools to paint. Using cheap tools can result in less-than-perfect paint application.

Close up of painter arm painting a wall with paint roller

Before you paint, make sure you lightly sand the surface, whether it’s the cupboards, the walls, or the ceiling. You may want to use laminate paint, which can be easily wiped down if it gets marked or dirty. Another option is water-based paint, but you’ll need to use a water-based undercoat first.


Once you’ve picked your paint and assembled your tools, it’s time to start painting. It’s important to keep the doors and windows of your rig open while you paint to avoid breathing in paint fumes. It’s also best to leave the windows open afterwards, so the paint will dry and the fumes will dissipate before you embark on your next trip.

For the full rundown of how to paint, here are some tips for painting a caravan like a pro.