Maximise your caravan fridge space when on the road

With limited storage in most caravan fridges, you need to make the most of your space.

If you’re staying in populated areas, you can stock up on fresh food regularly. But if you’re heading into the outback or a remote area for a long period, you need to take food with you.

There is a simple way to keep lots of fresh food longer  when on the road and that is to vacuum-pack. You can pick up a portable machine and run it from your caravan’s power. Here’s a video demonstration showing how it works.

Before departing from home, prepare your meals. Divide your meat into what you’ll need for your main meals. It doesn’t take long to seal the meat and you can even freeze it before you leave.

Vacuum-packing eliminates freezer burn and keeps your fridge much cleaner. The meat is easy to handle and move around too. You can also marinate your meat and seal in the flavours when you vacuum-pack it. Meals like curries, or stews can be thawed in hot water while still sealed. You can also store leftovers in a sealed pack.

Another benefit for long distance travellers is that vacuum-sealed fresh food can last up to five times longer than fresh food stored on its own. For example, beef may last six months in the freezer. But when properly vacuum-packed and sealed, it can last two years or more.

Long life foods are another great option for caravanning. Here are some long life foods to take on the road.