Many ways to brew the perfect cup of coffee on your travels

There are few moments that can beat brewing the first coffee of the day at your campsite, so make sure you’re brewing it right.

Whether on the stove or over the fire, there are many ways to brew the perfect coffee while you’re out on the road.

The cowboy way

Tried and tested by many cowboys over the years, brewing coffee is as simple as pouring grounds into a pot of boiling water over the fire. Heat the water up on the fire or stove, pour the grounds in, remove from the heat and steep for 5-10 minutes. The grounds will settle and you can pour up your morning coffee.


Similar to the cowboy method of brewing, percolators keep the coffee grounds in a basket while the water boils. Once it reaches boiling temperature, water will rise up a small pipe inside that drips down through the coffee once the percolator button is pressed. What is left in the vessel is easy, ground free, decent coffee.

One cup filter/dripper

Perfect for the coffee loving camper looking for a single serve coffee maker, one cup drippers are cheap, light and easy to brew with. Attach the dripper to the top of your cup, add coffee, and slowly pour boiling water on it and allow it to drain into your mug.

French press

Popular for those coffee drinking families where one cup is not enough, the French press is one of the best ways to make large quantities of coffee on your travels. Pour in coffee grounds and fill up with boiling water, let it steep for 5 minutes, then slowly press down on the plunger pushing the coffee grounds to the bottom of the vessel. From here just pick your favourite mug and pour out ground free, smooth coffee for the whole table.


Although it is clunky and large, the aeropress is easy to use and produces a clean cup of joe. This particular kit requires paper filters and a generous scoop of coffee grounds to make your brew. Place the aeropress over your mug and pour water over the coffee grounds about two fingers high to help develop the flavours and aromas in the coffee. After 30 seconds stir the grounds before filling with more water, placing the plunger on top of the chamber to create  vacuum seal. Remove the plunger again, top up with more water, replace plunger and with consistent downward pressure, push down for 20-30 seconds. Then sit down, and enjoy your coffee.

Instant coffee/coffee bags

For those that are fine with an acceptable cup of coffee there’s always instant coffee or coffee bags. Both offer a quick caffeine fix that only require a mug and some boiling water to brew.

For those with finer tastes that don’t like roughing it to be too rough and want the comforts of barista brewed coffee, there are espresso machines that can be fitted to an RV or caravan. Some say they’d give their left arm for a coffee. It won’t cost that much, but these machines don’t come cheap priced at $1000.

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