Managing rubbish while on the road

There’s no weekly rubbish collection when you’re on the road, so it’s your responsibility to dispose of your rubbish appropriately.

Just as you do when you’re at home, when you’re on the road you need to correctly dispose of your rubbish. The best way to do so is to make it a daily habit, so your rubbish doesn’t accumulate and attract rodents or insects, not to mention smell badly when you’re in camp. Removing food also prevents it being crushed into the upholstery of your vehicle.

Most caravan parks and camping sites have rubbish disposal areas, including recycling bins for paper and bottles. They also provide clear instructions on how to dispose of your rubbish. Some even have compost bins for vegetable food scraps.

You can also recycle your bottles in a number of states in return for cash. You’ll need to research locations of recycling depots or retailers who accept returned bottles for cash. Giving one individual responsibility for the rubbish each day will also help everyone focus on keeping your vehicle and campsite tidy.

If you collect single-use plastic shopping bags when you buy your food and other items, keep them to use as rubbish bags. They can generally handle a day’s waste and it saves you buying plastic rubbish bags.

If you’re driving each day to different destinations, keep a bag in your car for collecting the daily rubbish of food wrappers, disposable cups and the like. When you arrive at your destination or return to camp, do a quick check of the car or van and dispose of your rubbish in the appropriate receptacle.

If you see loose rubbish lying around your campsite, don’t ignore it just because it isn’t yours. Make a concerted effort to help the environment and remove all rubbish from the area.