Keeping snakes out of your car

Avoid your worst nightmare when caravanning in the remote bush.

While a movie was made about snakes on a plane, there’s not a lot of advice around about keeping snakes from getting into your car. The chances of a snake ever climbing into your car are extremely remote, however, you can take precautions to further limit the odds of it occurring.

Snakes are cold-blooded animals and are usually just looking for a warm spot to sun themselves or hide out of harm’s way. That’s why curling up on the engine under the bonnet is often a popular place to find a snake.

It is rare for a snake to get into the inside of a car, the main places they usually hide are, again, under the bonnet and inside the wheel/brake section.

To prevent them sliding into your car, keep all doors and windows closed, and try not to park your car around long grass or heavily wooded areas.

Generally, snakes are more afraid of you than you are of them. If you do find a snake wrapped around your engine, leave it alone and don’t aggravate or frighten it. The best option is to quietly close the bonnet and call a professional snake catcher. While the RACQ will help members if their car is broken down, we don’t provide a snake removal service.