Keep your caravan cool in summer

When locked up all day your caravan can feel like an oven when you return, which doesn’t make for a pleasant evening.

There’s nothing worse when you’ve enjoyed a day out while on the road or camping to return to a stinking hot caravan. There are some simple ways to keep cool, particularly when you’re caravanning in summer.

Airconditioning or fans

While airconditioning may feel like a luxury and is generally power-hungry, it is worth considering. You need to be cautious using generators, though, as they are banned in some National Parks or have restrictions on time of day usage in camping grounds. Fans are more suitable if you have a small to medium-sized caravan.


Most modern caravans come with roof insulation, but you can also add wall insulation for improved efficiency. There are also insulating paints you can use on the roof of your caravan to add another layer of insulation.

Awnings and annexes

A pull-out side awning or annexe is essential to add extra space to your caravan and to provide protection against both heat and the rain. Enclosed annexes provide another room for even more living space. If you’re looking to install an awning, check first that your caravan can support the extra weight. You may need to talk with a caravan supplier for expert advice. Here’s how to maintain your annexe.

Another option is to install small window awnings so you can keep windows open at night for extra ventilation, even in a summer storm.

Consider the lighting as well. Halogen and incandescent bulbs can generate a considerable amount of heat. Replacing them with fluorescent and/or LED lights can reduce heat and power usage.

Regardless of the materials you use to help keep you and your caravan cool, your location will be one of the biggest influencing factors on temperature. Try to find a shady spot under a tree, with the awning or annexe facing east to shield the caravan from afternoon sun.