Ideas for retired caravans

How to make the most of your caravan when it is no longer fit for the road.

If you have a mobile home, chances are you have spent some money on it throughout it’s lifetime. So when it is no longer fit for the road, you won’t want to do away with it completely. Here are some fun and practical uses for your caravan to spend doing in its retirement years.

Outdoor office or workspace

If you need a little bit of peace and quiet to get work done, or simply don’t have the room for a work space in your house,  an outdoor workspace is a great use for your caravan. Put some time and effort into making this space inviting and functional for your purpose. For ideas on how to achieve this check, out this great example of a caravan that has been converted into a craft cottage.

Guest room

Turning your old caravan into a guest room ensures your guest a sleeping space that isn’t your foldout couch. Your guest won’t feel like they are intruding and will also have the privacy they need. When it is not being used by family and friends you could always rent your caravan turned guest room out on Airbnb.  Here are some great examples of caravans that have been repurposed as guest houses.

Kids retreat

Turning your caravan into a kids retreat will give your little ones a place of their own to play and hangout. They will be out of your hair but still within a comfortable distance so you can keep an eye on them.  

Chicken pen

Keeping backyard chicken is great for your garden, and also gives you access to fresh eggs. A retired caravan makes a great chicken coop, providing shelter and protection from the elements and from predators.