Make your caravan work for you by hiring it out when not in use

Now you can make some money from your caravan or RV when you’re not using it.

Just as Airbnb has changed how people use their spare rooms to make money, there are now similar services to help you make money from your caravan or RV when it would normally be sitting idle.

Companies like ShareaCamper and Camplify let you rent your caravan, campervan, motorhome and even your camper trailer to travellers when you’re not using them.

The ShareaCamper website describes its service as a platform for Australia campervan, motorhome and caravan owners to share their under-utilised vehicles with travellers. It is an easy and secure way for recreational vehicle owners to earn an extra income from their driveway-bound vehicles. For travellers, ShareaCamper is a way to rent unique vehicles, get great local knowledge from vehicle owners, and is an affordable alternative to traditional camper hire companies.

Camplify claims to be Australia’s largest caravan hire and RV sharing community. Its website says it links owners of caravans and RVs with holidaymakers in a secure peer-to-peer sharing environment. The platform enables owners to earn extra income while their RV is not in use. Members get to experience the joy of camping without having to purchase their own RV.

Unless you’re a grey nomad circumnavigating Australia, chances are your van spends more time parked than it does moving. So putting it out to work for you is an excellent way to make some extra money, while making better use of existing resources. It also gives first-timers a cheaper alternative to learn all about using vans for camping before they invest in their own vehicle.