Mind your manners in caravan parks

No-one enjoys noisy or rude neighbours, whether it’s in your home or at a caravan park or camping ground.

Neighbours with bad manners, particularly late at night when people are trying to sleep, can ruin a weekend away. For general tips on being courteous while driving and holidaying with a caravan click here. Keep these in mind, and also follow these more specific tips for being a good neighbour in a caravan park or camping ground.

Minimise noise

It’s important to keep your music and other noise to a reasonable level so everyone can enjoy the serenity of the great outdoors, or the quiet space inside their van. Many campgrounds and caravan parks have quiet hours that every camper is expected to follow. Outside of those hours, make an effort to keep voices, music, and laughter to a level that won’t disturb others. Having fun is fine – ruining someone’s holiday is not.

Use generators sparingly

Have you ever noticed the people who turn on their generator and then go inside and close all their windows, because even they can’t stand the noise? Generators are a fact of life in caravan parks without electric hook-ups and are standard on most RVs. Respect caravan park rules regarding generator use. If you and your caravan or RV are in need of a constant power supply, the most considerate thing to do is select only locations with electric hook-ups.

Arrival and departure

If you arrive late or leave early, show some courtesy for your neighbours. Try to keep set-up to a minimum at night, and if you know you will be leaving early, pack up as much as possible the night before.

Keep pets under control

Keep your dogs on a lead, and don’t let them roam free throughout the camping area. Don’t leave dogs tied up or in your van all day, as they will bark and make noise regardless of how well you have trained them.

Night time is meant to be dark

We all needs lights to see at night, whether for dining, reading, conversation or to highlight paths. But don’t leave your porch or awning light on all night shining into other vans, RVs or tents.