Great reasons to choose a caravan over a hotel

This summer, trade in the motels and guided tours for the freedom of a self-driving holiday.

Swapping room service for the camp kitchen and guided tours for local festivals is a fun and economical way to change up the annual family holiday. By seeing the sites in a caravan or motorhome, you take away the stress that comes with a fixed schedule, relying on a tour group, and early check out times.

If you aren’t convinced to add a little adventure and exploration back into your holiday, consider the following reasons to jump in the car and go.

Go at your own pace

The freedom of driving your home with you can help free up your schedule and travel itinerary. There are no checkout times, no tour groups to worry about, no minute by minute itinerary to follow. A caravan or motorhome gives you the freedom to stop and explore the road less travelled, while visiting all the best sites on your own schedule.

Experience the town like a local

Loading up the caravan gives you the opportunity to stop in on interesting towns along the way. Visit local museums, mingle with the locals, attend town events or festivals, try the local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the town culture and history.

Locals might even give you the low down on hidden sites to explore in the area or further down your route.

Cuts costs but not the fun

Save money on accommodation, parking, and food by taking a caravan or motorhome. Most caravan parks will work out cheaper per person per night than any motel.

Being able to self cater will also cut costs. Even if your van isn’t equipped with a kitchenette, the majority of camping spots will have a camp kitchen, saving you money on dining out.

Avoid the crowds and save even more by travelling during the off-season.

Keep the comforts of home

A campervan or caravan can be fitted with beds, sinks, cooking appliances, and in some models, bathrooms. Although it’s close quarters, you don’t need to compromise comfort for cost.

You’ll be able to travel with your own perfect-firmness pillows, favourite snacks and drinks, and all the extras you need to be completely comfortable. Since you’ll be travelling with your “home,” you don’t have to worry about luggage weight limits, either.

If you don’t own a caravan or motorhome, renting one is quite simple. If you’re planning on hiring a caravan, make sure to check our tips on what to look for before hiring a caravan.

Whether in Australia or overseas, a self-driven and self-run holiday can help you make the most of your time away without rushing and on your own time.

Image credit: Road Star Caravans