Five ways to spend Christmas with your caravan

Instead of the usual extended family gathering, consider taking a break at one of Australia’s caravan parks.

Christmas can be many things; fun, loud, exciting, hot. But it can also be very stressful. Some find it helpful to get away from the stresses caused by meal preparation, enormous clean-ups and hosting 28 of your closest relatives. Instead, people are taking to their caravan for a change of pace.

Spending Christmas in your caravan instead of at family dinner can create some of the most memorable holiday experiences. Here are five ways to spend Christmas in your caravan.

  1. Join in on the party. Some caravan parks can be hubs for small gatherings or parties. Members from all over the park come together, share a drink and embrace the jolliness of the holidays. Some coastal caravan parks may even host events down by the beach, or allow you to have your own bonfire if the council permits it. Here you can make memories and meet some exceptional and interesting characters.
  2. Breathe in some new air. Beat the post-Christmas rush and head down early, making sure to be packed up and on the way home after Boxing Day breakfast. As many campers don’t arrive until Boxing Day, getting in early can provide a few days of peace before the hustle and bustle arrives.
  3. Enjoy a caravan kitchen cookup. If your caravan is fitted with a working kitchen and you’re hoping to keep up tradition, why not cook up a feast for your closest campsite companions and share a meal? If your van doesn’t have these facilities, there’s always the option of cooking in the camp kitchen, sharing in conversation with friends and family.
  4. Ditch the heat. Spending Christmas in your caravan doesn’t necessarily mean in Australia. Ditch the heat for a different climate and trip around one of the many spots in New Zealand for a change in temperature and Christmas tradition without the Aussie heat and possible family tension.
  5. Surprising experiences. With new locations, come different experiences. Each town can bring something different. You may find yourself in an area of disaster that changes the course of your holiday, and instead you stay and help the local community with the clean-up or finding resources.

Here’s how to bring the festivities with you and decorate your caravan for Christmas.