How to make your caravan more like a home

With some carefully chosen accessories, a wonderful relaxing summer awaits you.

Outfitting a caravan with the right accessories can be a long and confusing task. Choices abound and it’s hard knowing what will be integral to a safe and comfortable road trip.

Here’s a little help on how to decide what you really need:

Sort the waterworks

While your home may be hooked to a permanent water supply, your caravan has to be regularly replenished with clean water. Purchase a large drinking water storage container to keep you covered for those dry periods on the road. Modern container designs now factor in ergonomics as well. Instead of lugging them one step at a time, some let you comfortably roll them from the water source to your caravan.

While you’re shopping for a water container, check out the range of portable toilets now available. This will reduce your dependence on public facilities in caravan parks. Modern portable toilets are designed to be hygienic and require minimal maintenance. It is also a good idea to stock up on cleaning and plumbing products, such as disinfectants and extra lengths of hose and pipes.

Stock a working kitchen

An adequate supply of food can significantly improve your camping experience. Set up a minimal but functional kitchen where rustling up a quick meal is always an option. Invest in good quality cast iron cookware that can be used inside the caravan, as well as outdoors at a campfire. Also pick up space-saving storage containers for your supplies. Your caravan is a moving vehicle, so purchase a few fridge bars to hold the contents in place while you travel.

Create a laundry station

A compact washing machine is a great addition to your mobile home. It can help you handle the laundry at your own convenience, and travel lighter as a result. A few collapsible caravan accessories can also contribute towards the effectiveness of your laundry station. Check out some folding ironing boards and collapsible buckets at your nearest caravan parts and accessories store.

Don’t forget to level up

Your newly purchased refrigerator, washing machine and airconditioner will not work if your caravan floor isn’t horizontal. Travel with wheel chocks and caravan levels so you can adjust the level of your motor home.

Here are some more handy tips.