Easy craft activities for caravanning with kids

Keep your little ones busy with these craft ideas when travelling.

Crafting activities are an excellent way to keep young minds active and creative.

On your next trip give your kids a blank travel journal to fill with things they collect and make along the way. (A small art book, or a standard exercise book is fine.)

An easy option is to encourage your kids to collect items from nature and paste them into their travel journal. They can collect anything they find, such as leaves, feathers, shells, twigs or flowers. Ask them to name each item too for some added fun.

You can also get the kids to create a daisy chain from flowers, or a bracelet from shells on a length of fishing line or string. If you take paints with you, they can paint pine cones or pebbles and create their own pet rocks.

If you want to get a little dirty but have some fun, make your own non-toxic slime. Just use corn flour, food colouring and water to create your own slime.

This will also make great photo memories to add to your travel journal or post on social media.