Don’t let bugs ruin your caravanning holiday

In Australia, no matter what time of year, you will always encounter nature’s pests when you go caravanning.

It’s amazing how some adults can sleep undisturbed through a thunderstorm, but cannot get any shut-eye when a mosquito is buzzing in the dark nearby. Unfortunately, encounters with nature’s pests are inevitable if you go caravanning anywhere in any season in Australia. There are actions you can take, though, to keep these pests at bay. Here are some tips to help you.

The obvious trick is to cover yourself in insect repellent from the moment you wake until you hit the sack again. Roll-on repellants are easier to carry and to cover your skin. They also produce less waste than aerosol sprays. However, you’ll need a spray can at hand to fend off the flying insects within your caravan, tent or dining and relaxation areas.

You can make your own repellant that’s simple, cheap and easy to prepare. It’s a 50/50 mixture of baby oil and Dettol dispensed with a simple atomiser or water spray bottle. If you’re planning to go fishing always be careful to clean your hands of the repellant or other creams, as it will likely lessen your chances of catching fish if you handle the bait or tackle.

You can burn citronella sticks or other natural repellents to keep the air bug-free. Here are some of the best ways to repel mozzies.

Bright lights attract bugs, but yellow lighting attracts less bugs than white light. So replace your main lights with yellow ones and try to keep your lighting away from the entrances to your van or tent. You can also carry some solar powered lights and if possible, place them a short distance away from your van, but not on other people’s sites. Let them shine as long as possible to attract bugs towards them and away from your campsite.

If you’re staying in one location for a few days, you could hang fly traps from the trees. The only issue is storing them as you travel as they do smell, so you need airtight containers.