Decorating ideas for your caravan

If you use your caravan regularly you’ll eventually need to do some redecorating as items wear out or get damaged.

As your home away from home, you want your caravan to look inviting and feel friendly when you and your guests enter. Here are some decorating tips to help you create a relaxed atmosphere.

Some travellers like to display a record of their travels around the country. So they cover one wall with a map of Australia and mark in highlight pen on the map, the trips they’ve taken. The map becomes a talking point for visitors, as well as a reason for reflective conversation for the caravan’s owners.

The floor is often the first thing you notice as you enter, as you’re looking at the steps. Make your floor attractive and durable. Before you consider your options, ensure the material you choose is easy to clean and can withstand regular usage. Lino tiles are ideal, easy to keep clean and replace in the event of damage or a nasty spill. During cold weather, you could add rugs to the floor to retain warmth.

Put your ceiling to use when you’re camped for any period of time. Install racks for cooking pots and pans, or even hanging clothes on hangers to air or dry laundered clothes. You can also hang storage bags with towels, clothes and other regularly used items. Another more permanent option is to fix jar lids to the roof. Affix the lids to the ceiling and then screw on the jars after filling them with small items. For ambience, you could also hang decorative chimes.

Optimise your storage space by using as much of the area underneath furniture as possible. Install furniture such as couches or beds that have hidden space or open out into larger units. Use a wall as a notice board where you can pin photographs, postcards, handwritten notes, maps, brochures, and reminders. It can be your personal memorabilia board where you post photos and notes from your trip as you travel.