Choosing the correct bike racks for your caravan

Most of us have fond memories of racing around on our bikes while on holidays as kids. But how do you transport bikes when you hook up the caravan?

Whether you’re an avid cyclist or more of a leisure rider, you’ll need to purchase a quality bike rack and cover. Bike racks are handy caravan add-ons that allow you to easily take your bike wherever you go. Lots of different racks are available to suit different towing options. But remember, the most important elements to consider are the type of towing vehicle and leisure rig you have, and how many bikes you are transporting.

A-frame mounted racks

A-frame mounted racks are a popular choice for transporting bikes. You probably guessed by their name, these racks are mounted on a caravan’s A-frame, usually high up to keep them out of the way of other fittings such as gas bottles. With A-frame mounted racks, there is quite a lot of forward-pivot ability that allows users to access the van’s storage space without having to remove the bikes.

Most of us have fond memories of racing around on our bikes while away on holidays as kids, but with bikes for all the family now available, how do you transport them with your caravan?

Rear-wall racks

These types of bike racks are mounted at the rear of the caravan, which frees up the space between the towing vehicle and your caravan or RV. Rear-wall mounted racks are versatile and provide caravan and RV owners with a vast selection of compatible models. The main choices are racks that mount to the trailer’s spare wheel assembly or a rack that attaches to the back wall of the caravan.

Roof-mounted racks

If you’re towing a camper trailer you may be considering a roof-mounted rack. These can also be fitted to an RV or caravan, but it may be difficult to lift bikes up and down. If your bike is worth a bit of money, this option is the safest from damage – unless you drive under a low bridge or trees.

Foldable bikes

You could avoid all the fuss and bother of bike racks if you invest in a foldable bike that can fit inside your car or caravan. This option also reduces the risk of the bike being damaged by dirt, rocks and rain. With plenty of low-cost solutions, having a foldable bike also means you can skip the worry of incorrectly installed bike racks.

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