Caring for caravan tyres

The last thing you’ll want on your caravan trip is problems with your tyres, so it’s important to check the pressure regularly.

Poorly inflated tyres are more likely to have a blow-out, will wear faster and unevenly, and can increase your fuel consumption. The correct tyre pressure differs for each caravan –- your owner’s manual or the caravan manufacturer should have information about the correct psi for your tyres. During this process, also be sure to check the inflation of your spare caravan tyre.

The tread of a caravan’s tyres can wear faster than car tyres due to the weight of the van. Regularly check your tyres for wear and tear, and replace when necessary. As part of this check, look at the valves to make sure they are not leaking and to see whether any of the caps need to be replaced.

If your tyres are wearing unevenly and you have been inflating them on a regular basis, you may need to have a wheel alignment done. Regularly rotating your tyres can help them to wear evenly, meaning you can extend the life of each tyre and replace them all at one time. This reduces the risk of having different tyre brands fitted to your caravan, which for safety reasons, is not recommended.

If a caravan has not been used regularly, this does not mean the tyres are in good condition, as tyre walls will deteriorate. The last four digits of a tyre identification number marked on each tyre will indicate the tyre’s age. Most manufacturers guarantee tyres for five years, so after this period, you may need to consider replacing them. Another sign of deterioration is cracking. When not in use, tyres should be stored in a cool and dry environment that is not in direct sunlight.

Some van owners store their vans on chocks when not using them for a few months. They remove the tyres and store them out of the weather without any load on them. This helps maintain the tyre’s condition and improve longevity.

RACQ has more information about choosing tyres, tyre maintenance and when to replace tyres.