Caravanning popularity soars in 2016

Despite the decline in most manufacturing industries, the popularity of road trips is keeping caravan and motor home manufacturers busier than ever.

The Australian caravan and motor home industry has continued to flourish in 2015 and 2016, with figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing that the industry is experiencing its highest production levels in 37 years.

With the declining value of the Australian dollar, Australians are being encouraged to swap overseas vacations to enjoy the beauty and wonder that exists in their own backyard. More than ever, tourists and Australians are buying and renting vans and motor homes to embark on the great Australian road trip. In 2015, an industry study found that around 11 million overnight caravan and camping trips were undertaken throughout Australia.

The growth in caravanning also has positive spin-offs for the tourism industry and smaller local businesses entrepreneurs and tourism operators. In 2014 a study by the Caravan Industry of Australia found that 90 percent of caravan and camping trips were to regional areas, helping boost local economies.