Why caravanning is the perfect Valentine’s getaway

Spend time getting back to basics and enjoy the company of your Valentine on a romantic getaway.

Although a caravanning getaway may not initially sound like the most romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day you will be pleasantly surprised. You can still enjoy a romantic getaway using a camping tent if you do not own a motorhome, caravan or RV.


The best part about most caravan parks is you are guaranteed a few square metres of space between you and your neighbours — no matter how busy the grounds get. For anyone who has ever stayed in a hotel room with thin walls, you will be able to truly appreciate this space.

Blossoming relationships

For those couples who are early on in the relationship, a camping or caravanning trip is a great way to escape other people and social media and get to know your new partner. This is also a great way to see how your partner may react to being outside of their comfort zone.

Although be aware, this can be a risk for new couples. For example, if, after the first night your partner decides they aren’t the outdoorsy type, things can turn sour pretty fast.

The magic of a campfire

After spending a day out swimming, four-wheeled driving, or mastering a challenging hike, relaxing by a campfire is pure magic. Spending time under the stars is the perfect excuse to light a campfire and get cosy with your partner. Snuggle up with a blanket and enjoy the firelight.

Planning is key

Show your significant other how much you care by planning a romantic and thoughtful getaway. If you need to bring the kids along for the adventure, be sure to stay at a holiday park full of activities and other children, so they keep occupied.

The key is to thoughtfully plan an entire romantic weekend away all by yourself. Cook your partner a delicious campfire feast accompanied with their favourite wine or sparkling drinks. Play some of their favourite music and reminisce about old times.

The relaxing drive

Instead of fighting with queues or dealing with expensive and cramped flights to your holiday destination, enjoy a scenic and leisurely drive to your destination. Blast some cheesy tunes and spend quality time with your partner on what could be the best road trip of your life.