Before buying second hand, check the stolen caravan registry

Avoid the danger of buying stolen property by checking the Stolen Caravan Registry before you buy a secondhand caravan.

The Stolen Caravan Registry is a website that allows people to upload information about their stolen caravan. This makes it harder for the thief to sell the caravan, as the information can easily be accessed by the public.

Before you buy a secondhand caravan, it is worth checking this registry to ensure you are not buying stolen property.

The Stolen Caravan Registry website is very user-friendly. All you have to do is use the search engine to check the database of stolen caravans to ensure the one you are considering buying isn’t on there. The search engine is most effective when you can include as much detail as possible. Include information such as the caravan’s model, make, colour and any registration information that is available. To be extra safe, it is worth doing a number of searches using different combinations of the information you can provide to be absolutely sure.

The Stolen Caravan Registry website also includes a list of recommended ‘Pre-purchase vehicle inspection agencies.’ These agencies will inspect the vehicle and conduct a registration and history report to ensure the vehicle is sound and you aren’t about to get ripped-off or buy stolen property. When buying a second-hand vehicle of any kind, it is perfectly reasonable to request a pre-purchase inspection. If the owner of the vehicle gets upset over this request, or refuses to allow the inspection, it may not be worth the risk of buying the vehicle.

If you do find a vehicle on the stolen caravan registry that you believe to be the one you have been looking to buy, your first course of action should be to immediately contact your local police.