A beginner’s guide to parking your motorhome

Don’t back yourself into a corner, use these guidelines to help master the art of motorhome parking.

When you first hop into the driver’s seat of a motorhome it can be an overwhelming experience. Whether a new owner or driving a rental for the first time, the size of a motorhome can make driving daunting for the most experienced drivers. In most cases, driving a motorhome is a comfortable, easy, and enjoyable experience. But parking can be tricky.

To remove the fear of parking these great gentle giants and clamming up at the wheel, the following are a few tips to consider when parking your motorhome.

Assess the available spaces

Assess the parking space you wish to occupy before attempting to drive into it. If the spot looks too difficult or challenging, it most likely is. If you don’t believe you can reverse into this spot, best look for another spot rather than cause unnecessary damage.

Take advantage of reverse cameras

For first time drivers, reverse cameras are a helpful tool, especially if travelling alone. Be mindful that not all motorhomes will come with reverse cameras so be sure to request them in advance. Do not fully rely on your cameras as they only show obstacles on the ground. Using your mirrors or a spotter will help identify overhead obstacles or obstructions.

Stop where you are

If you no longer have clear vision of where you want to go, stop. Never attempt to move the vehicle if you cannot see all possible hazards unless a spotter is present.

Optimise visibility

Before attempting to reverse park the vehicle, ensure you have as much visibility as possible. Wind up blinds, open windows, adjust mirrors, and remove any obstructions inside hindering your view.

Always have a spotter

Your travel companion is useful for more than company and making the morning coffee; they can act as an extra set of eyes in tight situations where visibility is not optimal. Be sure you can see your spotter, their hand signals, and hear any instructions clearly. If you lose sight of your spotter you lose your vision so stop immediately.

Practise, practise, practise

The key to feeling confident is to practise. Set up cones in a vacant parking lot or practice getting in and out of the front driveway, even get your travelling companion along to ensure hand signals are understood and clear. The more you practise in a safe space, the easier the real situation will be.

If you’re tossing up between a caravan or motorhome for your next travels, we may be able to help.