Six tips to make your caravan theft-proof

The growth in caravan sales and popularity comes with a downside - a growth in theft.

Your caravan is a big investment (often second only to your home), so it’s vital to ensure that it, and its contents, are always safe and secure. This includes stepping up security to deter theft and vandalism. Unfortunately, many caravan, camper trailer or RV owners have learned eager thieves will find a way. But there are certainly some things you can do to deter thieves from helping themselves to your beloved rig.

Insuring your caravan is the first step, so that you are protected should the worst occur. Here are some other tips:

Motion sensor lighting

While this one isn’t a popular option for most caravanners, motion sensor lighting is a good deterrent for anyone considering taking your van during the night. Just like the ones you have at home, as soon as the spotlight is on, the potential thieves quickly reconsider whether your van is worth the risk. You need to manage the sensor distance so the light isn’t going off every time someone walks past, but it’s worth it in the long run to make sure your van is not targeted.

Security cameras

If a thief can see a little camera on the outside of your caravan, they will certainly think twice before stealing it – even if the camera isn’t real. If you decide to also fit a camera to the interior, a sign on the window to let any potential thief know there is one inside is also a good way to steer the potential opportunist in a different direction.

Clean out and cover

Sometimes thieves are after what’s in your caravan, not the vehicle itself. Even though it might seem like a good spot to store the overflow from your home, don’t treat your van like an extra shed – keep it empty when it’s not in use. Draw the curtains to stop would-be thieves taking a look inside. If you have a motorhome, covers are available that block out the entire windshield.


While some would argue people are a bit immune to alarms these days, the potential for noise and flashing lights can generally be enough to make a thief think twice. Again, a good way to deter a thief before the alarm actually goes off is to place a little sticker or sign promoting your security system in one of the windows near the van door.

a physical blocker will go a long way to keeping your rig safe

Locking devices

Whether you install a traditional padlock and chain, a wheel lock or even a coupling lock, there is no doubt a physical blocker will go a long way to keeping your rig safe. If the thief is persistent, they will find a way to get through these kind of locks but you can bet it will be a noisy process and likely not one they will want to tackle.


Whether you are at home or out on the road, where you park your van can be the difference between it being safe or a target for thieves. When you’re at a caravan park, park in sight of other caravanners but not too close to an exit. The harder it is for the thief to navigate out of the caravan park without being seen, the better. At home, if it’s possible, you should invest in a locked shed or a fence with a lockable gate. You can even put your van on chocks and remove the wheels as a more radical deterrent.

GPS tracking technology

If you have a GPS tracking system on your caravan, you will be able to give the police a healthy head start if it goes missing. This will help them locate your van and assist in finding the culprit.

While you may not be able to stop someone who is determined to steal your rig, you can put hurdles in their way that may deter them. This will mean less stress for you and more time for holidaying.