Five ways to save water in your caravan

Environmental sustainability and water conservation are hot topics and caravanners can help protect precious water assets.

Australia is the driest continent on the planet, so saving water or not wasting water is essential, particularly when you’re caravanning in the bush. Here are some tips to help you conserve water when you travel.

Buy water-saving devices for your caravan taps and install water-saving shower heads if you have a shower system, as well as an ultra-low water-conservation flush toilet.

If you have a shower in your van, limit your time in it, so you minimise water usage. Always try to use the shower facilities on-site, as they are likely to be more water-efficient compared to your caravan’s water pump. Accumulator tanks may also prevent you from over-using the water pump while showering.

One of the best tips to conserve water in your caravan is to research all the different caravan park options and stay in parks that promote sustainable garden watering and grey-water.

Before embarking on a caravanning vacation, check your caravan for any water leaks to make sure that you won’t have to worry about water being wasted while on the road.